I Surrender

Life has felt incredibly chaotic lately – which offers an easy explanation for why I haven’t posted anything on here in quite some time. However, I think my lack of presence on my blog goes a little deeper than simply being too busy to show up.  Setting expectations can be a slippery slope for me.Continue reading “I Surrender”

A Bump Abroad: Lessons Learned from Publishing My First eBook

I’ll never forget the train ride I took from Florence to Rome. I was buzzing with creative energy after getting inspired in the city known for Renaissance art and being home to incredibly dedicated individuals who’ve impacted our culture for generations.  As I flip through the journal that I took along with me for theContinue reading “A Bump Abroad: Lessons Learned from Publishing My First eBook”

Marketing My Blog While Maintaining Authenticity

Marketing My Blog While Maintaining Authenticity I’m just going to be real here, I would probably benefit from making more money (wouldn’t we all). I know that talking about money makes some people uncomfortable, but not me. Back when I was working as a nurse, I got a glimpse of what it’s like to makeContinue reading “Marketing My Blog While Maintaining Authenticity”


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Sophia Metrakos

a little intro

I’m Sophia. I’m here with the simple goal of sharing my story and speaking my truth with the hope that my words can in some way help and inspire others.

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