The Only Constant is Change

I was reading a parenting book the other night when I came across a section where the author recommended that the reader never get too comfortable with their child’s current developmental stage, because they’ll quickly outgrow it. He followed with the sentence, “the only constant is change.” This short phrase caused me to ponder the changes I’ve witnessed in my young daughter, the changes I’ve dealt with recently, and the immense changes that we as a society have faced in the last few months. 

It’s been a heavy year for pretty much anyone; whether you’ve filed for bankruptcy after closing the doors of your business, watched a loved one take their last breath as they’re weaned from a ventilator, gotten tear gassed (or worse) whilst standing up for what you believe in, or been one of the many victims of police brutality, racial injustice, or systemic racism. Amid the black lives matter movement and the COVID pandemic, we as a society have seen death and illness. We’ve brought to the surface even more darkness in an effort to raise awareness about some heavy issues, issues that should have ended a long time ago but are happening right here, right now.  

2020 has brought on a shift in our society. Forced isolation has led to a mutual turning inward and an increase in mindfulness. Civil unrest has led to an increase in awareness as we take a step back and examine modern racism and some ways in which we’ve all participated in it. 

It’s pretty wild to think that virtually every human has been effected in some way by the COVID pandemic. Is there a single person anywhere on this Earth who has not in some way been affected by COVID? (Please if there is, comment and let me know, I’m curious!) As if the reality of millions of people dying wasn’t already scary, media outlets and government officials have reverberated this fear into our society. Changes have occurred and will continue to occur. I’m hopeful that our world will feel “normal” again soon, but even so, COVID has earned a place in our kid’s future history books because our society will never be the same after this. Honestly, will concerts ever happen again?

Our world has been shifting since the start of this pandemic and then on May 25, this shift took a turn when George Floyd was murdered. Protestors and demonstrators are still showing up, two months later. Many of whom endure tear gas and rubber bullet attacks from federal agents. This is scary, but it’s telling us that change is on the horizon. Change and fear often come together. We’re facing fears as a society. We’re having tough conversations, speaking up, standing up and we’re recognizing our own biases. It isn’t easy but it’s causing our society to grow and evolve. 

My world has changed immensely over the last year as I’ve experienced pregnancy, transitioned into motherhood, and began my career as a nurse. I’ve worked really hard to find a balance again. So, here’s how I’ve coped with change: I’ve tried to put a serious focus on self care, practiced more mindfulness, and more recently I’ve been praying more often. I’ve been asking God for the strength to be decisive, to be with me, and to lead me in the right direction. I’m reminding myself that every time I’ve faced a fear, I’ve grown. 

The COVID pandemic has shown us that change is inevitable. The Black Lives Matter movement has shown us that change is necessary – and given us some insight on how to promote change. Both have shown us that fear and change often accompany one another.  How do we find peace in an ever changing environment? We accept change, we stop resisting, and we trust that something wonderful is waiting for us on the other side. 

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